Robert Kuo

Robert Kuo's own story presents a life that partakes of the best of Chinese and 20th century traditions. Born in Beijing, he moved with his family to Taiwan in 1947. Kuo grew up in an artistic environment, his father started a cloisonne atelier where Robert became an apprentice at age fifteen. As he mastered each of the steps involved in cloisonne from preparing copper bases to enameling and firing the kilns, Kuo absorbed all the basics that were to serve him throughout his artistic career.

By 1985, Kuo shifted his focus from working in cloisonne to repousse, the art of hammering decorative relief onto metal. He trained Chinese artisans, experienced in ancient techniques, to create new forms and objects in a range of materials, also including carved rock crystal, lacquer and peking glass. Today, he spends 4-6 months of the year in China to create new pieces, which are then finished in Los Angeles.

Robert Kuo offers a wide variety of decorative objects, from small tabletop pieces to furniture and large landscaping elements. He is inspired by organic forms found in nature, as well as the timeless "motifs" of the Chinese Han and Ming dynasties - often combining them with Deco and Nouveau influences. His work can be seen in museums, hotels and prestigious homes around the world.