Tony Duquette by Remains Lighting

Remains Lighting, founded by David Calligeros in 1996 in New York City, offers a stunning lighting collection based on original designs and fixtures by the legendary Hollywood designer Tony Duquette.

Duquette was an extremely influential Hollywood artist and designer whose work spanned the 1940s through the 1990s. He, along with his wife Elizabeth and artistic partner Hutton Wilkinson, crafted elaborate, fantastical sets for stage and film as well as interiors, jewelry, furniture and costume designs. Duquette worked for Hollywood and New York’s elite and an international clientele, from South America to Hawaii to Asia, his work was famous for its bold, arresting, and colorful designs. He was the 1st American ever to have a solo exhibit at the Louvre and designed jewels for the Duchess of Windsor.

Each fixture in the Tony Duquette by Remains Lighting is manufactured to order in the Remains LEED Gold certified factory in Brooklyn, NY.

"If I could swap places with anyone for a day, it would be as the dashing Tony Duquette. We shared a mutual love of beauty and creating dreams... Duquette was the original Renaissance man--proof that you can have it and do it all. His life was a dream and everything in it was beautiful. He had the Midas touch--he was a set designer, interior decorator, artist, jewelry designer, and costume designer. Tony achieved so much in his lifetime that his name reverberates with as much frisson and freshness today as it did when he was alive." - John Galliano